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List of the Top 5 Best Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Affordable and Easy Local Marketing Ideas

So many small business owners struggle to find time or resources to market their businesses locally. So, with a very small budget, we’ve come up with 5 thrifty and creative ideas to get your business known locally.

Local marketing advice for small business owners

Become a local authority in your community .. on a budget!

  1. Plan ahead! If you know what holidays, local events, and charities you support each year, plan to have a discount, special, or event at designated times. As soon as you secure the details for your major marketing staples of the year, order your advertising materials from gotprint.com. Starting at around $20 for 1000+ pieces, you can make a huge dent in your community for just pennies!
  2. Reverse B2B! Instead of going to neighboring businesses to ask what they have to offer, go with gifts for them! Offer their staff juicy deals at your business, bring BOGO cards, give something for free. Guess what? Other businesses will automatically want to partner with you! You’ll be known around town as someone of service, who wouldn’t want to work with you?
  3. Party Central! Find reasons to celebrate your town and host parties for the community – totally free.Invite local businesses and either charge them or offer them a free space if they contribute supplies. Show your community you care about them by giving them something for free, they’ll very likely become paying customers. Here’s some cute ideas to get you started: https://www.partyexcuses.com
  4. Double Sided! Work with a local business in town by offering them FREE marketing Local marketing ideas for small businessesmaterials. Here’s how it works: let’s say you’re running an event and want to spread the word quickly. Get double sided marketing pieces made up with your special event on the front and their special offer on the back. They will hand out those flyers like crazy and constantly refer their patrons to YOUR The cost of the marketing pales in comparison to the foot traffic and word of mouth you’ll receive.
  5. Social Butterfly! Take your local community efforts ONLINE! Get your neighbors who love you to say it on Facebook. Offer incentives if people give honest reviews on Yelp. Review other local businesses to become an authority on your local market. If you need help generating ideas, this is our specialty! Get some free stuff from us and let us make a difference for you https://lionlinq.com/social-media-101!

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