WOW! Facebook Reactions are LOVED!

Facebook Reactions: Like, Love, Laugh!

Ever wish you could be a little more specific with how you feel about an article or funny picture on Facebook? Now you can! Click and hold the like button and new options will pop up! It works from laptops, tablets, desktops, and even mobile.

facebook reactions

It’s important that you use this new feature for a few reasons. First, Facebook is doing something for you, not just for their benefit. Second, you get to really give your honest feedback to content curators. Let them know when you think something is ridiculous or hilarious. It helps business pages especially to understand what the heck we’re all looking for as potential customers. Last but not least, it injects a little bit more love in the world. You can show someone who’s grieving not that you like their situation but that you’re sad with them or for them. Hit that heart to share some LOVE!

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