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So how does it work?

 Lion LinQ has become a certified Yext partner so that we can offer you a service that instantly list
your company’s most important information on the top 50+ directory websites.
Dominate your competitors, increase traffic to your website, optimize your search engine results…
and we’ll do all the work! Sound good to you?



Show Up Several Times on Google Searches


Because of Yext’s distinct relationship with sites like Yelp & Bing, we have access to instantly create, manage, and update all of your 50+ business listings for you. You’ll never need to deal with:

      1. Memorizing several logins
      2. Not knowing which websites your customers are leaving you reviews
      3. Tracking which sites need updating, maintenance, etc.
      4. Or not doing anything because it’s SO overwhelming

As a certified Yext partner, we’ll manage ALL of your listings with just 1 username and password. We work together to get your information uploaded, and we take it from there!

Get Listing Bonuses Only Available With
Yext-Powered Listings!

Clickable offers that drive
traffic to your website


of Events


Connect & manage your
social media accounts

Manage & Respond to Customers Reviews
Some of your company’s reviews may have been filtered out. Thanks to Yext’s relationship with sites like Yelp, you *may unlock some filtered reviews.
By having every review at your fingertips from all 50+ sites, you can easily answer your customers and gain more reviews than your competitors.

  • Did you know 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations?
  • Show your customers that you’re more trustworthy than your competitors by having more positive reviews
  • If you are not seen or hard to find online, you are missing over 51% of your sales opportunities.
More than 20% of Business Listing
Information is Incorrect
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Keep your business description relevant so your customers are up to date while boosting your company’s listings to the front page of Google searches.

  • We’ll make sure your address is correct in google maps so your customers can find your location.
  • Over one million consumers check-in with Foursquare, and nearly 80% of smartphone users call or visit a business after finding local information.
  • Being listed with Yext’s partners makes your business available to their millions of site visitors as well.
Get all of these benefits for your business, right now!

After all, when is a better time to market your business than right now? You can probably tell that we only use the most modern, powerful
marketing tools available. Allow us to manage your listings while you focus on running your business.
We’ll help your business dominate local searches, stand out from your competitors, and give you back your free time!

So what are you waiting for?