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Get your Business Power Listed

Your customers are searching for you on the internet, and we can put you in charge of what they find! Get your business listed on 50+ directories, instantly! Gain access to an all inclusive dashboard to manage your listings in one place, you’ll never have to go one at a time.

  • Bing, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, and directory sites like these have their own teams working hard to make their listings number one – that means you end up with hundreds of people working to boost your company’s listing!
  • See your customer’s reviews on 50+ platforms in ONE place, and potentially unlock hidden or old reviews. Get notified instantly when a new review is posted, you’ll never have to log into each account and check again.
  • Gain distinct listing bonuses powered only by Yext like staff bios, a calendar of events, and most importantly a clickable offer that drives traffic back to your website!

The best part is we manage it all for you while keeping you in the driver’s seat! You’ll never need to deal with:

  • Memorizing several logins
  • Not knowing on which websites your customers are leaving you reviews
  • Tracking which sites need updating, maintenance, etc.
  • Or not doing anything because it’s SO overwhelming

As a certified Yext partner, we’ll manage ALL of your listings with just 1 user name and password. We work together to get your information uploaded, and we take it from there!

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Never have to worry about your social media again

Lion Linq’s team is comprised of people with experience in marketing and social media who love helping make other companies successful. You can call and get a real, live, person! Sometimes it’s nice to just get your questions answered right away, right?

  • We learn to speak the language of your business by performing in depth and competitive research on your industry, company, competitors, etc. to determine the best ways to engage your audience.
  • We develop original content and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more on your behalf and educate you and your company on the how and why so you remain in the driver’s seat!
  • We network locally to raise awareness in your area with other business owners, cultivate relationships, respond to what’s happening in town and in the news, and get everyone talking about your business.

As social media becomes the newest and one of the most powerful forms of interacting with customers, we make it easy for you as the owner. Most business owners are too busy to deal with the constant posting, messaging, sharing, liking, ad boosting, commenting, etc that it takes to really maintain a professional page. Not only do we manage it for you, freeing up your time, but we partner with you to help you learn the new social language.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

We work with you to set goals like gaining new followers, increasing engagement, creating new social outlets, starting a FB ad, doing an online contest, and so much more. We measure your results and send you monthly reports. We work together to reach your goals and show you how we’re doing every step of the way.

    • We compare how your company is doing with others in your specific industry to gain insights and find out what’s working.
    • Our software gives us access to analytics like new followers by demographic or location, your most engaging posts, number of retweets and much more.
    • We’re always researching various tactics and improving our copy to earn your company the best results and get you closer to your goals.

Work with real human beings who really care about your business

Lion Linq’s team is comprised of people with experience in marketing and social media who love helping make other companies successful. You can call and get a real, live, person! Sometimes it’s nice to just get your questions answered right away, right?

      • You can reach our team by email, text, phone call, or face-time. Whichever technological advancement is most convenient for you, we’ll answer!
      • You get the say in what we post on your social media accounts, you can choose to approve content, edit it, or allow us to take over for you; you’re in charge.
      • We take your safety and security seriously and handle your private information with discretion and care, robots and spammers don’t work here!

Community Based Marketing, Email Marketing, and Original Writing

At Lion Linq, we feel the big picture of marketing includes many facets like working with local businesses, email marketing, voicemail marketing, direct mail marketing, and even getting your staff involved. We work with you to implement lead generating strategies through various marketing platforms that best suit you.

      • Our team can write original blog posts, develop industry specific email marketing campaigns, write your newsletters, and so much more.
      • We can help spread the word about your business around town, in local events, help you design effective paper marketing pieces, and get you in front of more customers.
      • We can train your staff to carry out local marketing campaigns, get you in front of local business owners, and build your reputation in the community.
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Why Our Team is so Special

As we grow our principle stays the same: we offer quality marketing and consulting services that are both affordable (which is not the same as cheap) and reliable. Combined with a friendly, helpful approach to support, and what you’ve got is something unique.

Many people have tried the larger, well-known companies, or even the work of a freelancer, only to find that the people they rely on disappear or lack the communication promised. Their support team sends canned responses that don’t answer your questions. You feel like a number, instead of a person. Or maybe you’re just starting out hiring your first marketing team, bravo! We know the process of finding the right company is daunting. Maybe Lion Linq is just what you’re looking for.

This section of our website sets apart who we are, and why we believe Lion Linq might be the right team for you. Read on, and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail if you’ve still got questions.


We are the Secret Weapon of Successful People
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Boost Productivity

Get more done in a day than you ever thought possible. Focus on the important tasks like making sales, raising your bottom line, training your team, and balancing the books. You’ll have more time than ever!

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Save Money

Instead of hiring, managing, and paying someone to do your marketing – bundle your needs into one of our services and save on your expenses!


Maximize Your Time

Spend more time on important projects, and with your family. Relax knowing that our team is managing your social media, your business listings, and more!

Ready to let our professionals take over and supercharge your success?


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Melissa_Adkins edited"Her reliability, honesty, and integrity are top notch. I cannot imagine Lori as anything less than a lifetime coach, friend, and partner in future ventures."
Lion Linq
mad design logo1"I chose Lori because she was different ...She personally collected the specific information about my business and goals necessary to offer many tailored recommendations, In my opinion she has a business sense well beyond her years."
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margaret kaye

Lori Kaye has been an inspiration to me. She offers encouragement and positive feedback, as well as constructive critiquing for my business and ecomerse store -Margaret Kaye of Jewelry in Candles