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From our work with local businesses, we’ve written the definitive guide to social media for small businesses like yours.
This guide will help you attract more customers on websites like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and more. Whether your a social media beginner or and advanced user, there’s tips and tricks for everyone!
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Lion Linq
Sam"Lori was recommended to me... to handle the social media for my business as a psychologist. Wow, what a FIND she turned out to be! Not only is Lori unbelievably hardworking, efficient and reliable, she is incredibly smart, creative and a real self-starter. But the most important part for me is that she truly loves and believes in what she does, and clearly communicates that she believes in what I do."
Lion Linq
mad design logo1"I chose Lori because she was different ...She personally collected the specific information about my business and goals necessary to offer many tailored recommendations, In my opinion she has a business sense well beyond her years."
Lion Linq
margaret kaye

Lori Kaye has been an inspiration to me. She offers encouragement and positive feedback, as well as constructive critiquing for my business and ecomerse store -Margaret Kaye of Jewelry in Candles