Set it and Forget it: Goal Setting in 2014

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Set it and Forget it: Goal Setting in 2014

Aren’t those words FANTASTIC!? Well, they are until you use this glorious system to set your goals, then you’d be better off choking on the roast beef you set and forgot about.


Anyway, goal setting is probably one of those things that when you hear about it you roll your eyes, sigh deeply, shrug your shoulders, or doodle in your notebook about. That’s how it was for me when I heard this topic get thrown around for years. I’m not going to “teach” you what goals are or how to set them, but I’m gonna tell you stuff about goal setting you’ve probably never heard before. Copy/paste it and save it somewhere meaningful, glue it to your forehead but either way, DO IT!

Do what? OH right…Well first, stop COMPLAINING that goal setting doesn’t work for you. I’ll tell you why it doesn’t work, you’re not working it. You think of great ideas like I do, like losing 25 pounds, buying a house, making your website (finally), and volunteering. Then you daydream about it, and visualize it, and it’s fun and exciting in your mind! I know it because that’s my favorite part about goals! It’s also a great first step for all of your goals, go crazy in your imagination but then you gotta get it out of your head and into the world. Here’s some reasons why your dreams die: you don’t think you’re good/smart/strong/motivated/worthy enough to GO FOR IT, you don’t think you’ll make a difference by achieving it, you don’t think it will make a difference for you or the people around you by achieving this goal, you’re not willing to be unreasonable to attain your goals, you’re not willing to ask for help, you’re scared … Any ring true for you? Well, for example “I don’t have enough time” comes from being scared of something like – oh gosh- your own success! It can come from not feeling worthy or good enough to complete your goal like weight loss or getting a promotion at work. “I don’t have enough time” can come from you just not willing to make your routine or schedule totally unreasonable to include everything for which it needs.

There’s many surface “excuses” like I just mentioned including “I can’t afford it“, “I’m not ready for ___”,  etc which are all variations of a made-up lack of time or money.  WOAH, I know this was news for me too! Here I was sitting there thinking I just didn’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, but when I dug a little deeper I realized I was actually more afraid of succeeding than anything; I wasn’t worthy of success.

It all starts back at that visualization process we talked about. The thoughts you have permeate through you, YES, others around you can get the sense for what you’re up to. The universe responds to what you give out, so give out happy, excited, motivating thoughts, and practice praising yourself non stop for the achievements that you make. Just by forming the habit of acknowledging what you’re doing well and the steps you’re taking forward, you will automatically see and feel a difference in your goal setting process.

We also seriously lack perseverance, self-discipline, and consistency. I say we because I mean me,too. So yes, set short, mid, and long term goals, yes work backwardsyes make to do lists/task lists. I can promise you no one regrets sticking it out. So try time slicing, try to do lists, try using online systems, offline systems, try it all until you actually stick with something. Normally, we do something and realize it doesn’t work and just give up. How’s that going for ya? What’ll help you stay on track is telling everyone what you’re up to, set wild and crazy goals and then just figure out how to attain them, find a ‘coach’ who will help push you.

If you still think there’s not enough time or money, then get back to what’s running that story. Do you get to be right that there’s not enough time and make everyone else wrong? Are you not good enough?

Anyway, comment, like, share, and email me personally to tell me your story, ask for some coaching, or whatever you like. [email protected], speak soon!

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