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Reverse To Do List: I love working backwards!

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Are you ready for a super easy way to FEEL productive, BE productive, and TRACK your productivity??

What I’m about to suggest is a one-time tool that you can use for one day, one week, etc. to check-in on what tasks you and/or your staff are completing …or NOT completing. I don’t recommend this as a long-term tool because let’s get real if you’re not planning for your success you just might be planning to fail.competitive

So, I invite you to try the Reverse To Do List by first NOT making yourself a daily to do or task list! For some, this is fairly normal, for others you’re cringing at the thought of not having a focused list. It’s OK either way! I only suggest you do this for a short-term period of time!

It’s Time To Get Honest

Now grab a notebook and pen, super old school! Write down EVERYTHING you do, ALL DAY long. I mean EVERYTHING. Note conversations, texting, social media, phone calls, home chores, driving, marketing, all sales, checking emails, writing emails; EVERYTHING. Your list is likely incredibly long.

When you’ve made a list of everything you’ve done, first notice patterns. Are there things you do several times per day? Maybe over a week’s time you notice doing something at the same time everyday? Then notice other trends, are you spending a long time with emails, phone calls, etc? Are you only spending a few minutes on your marketing strategies? Grab that pen and maybe even a highlighter and make more notes.

Almost done! Now sort everything you need to do by category of “must do”, “should do”, “nice to do”. Mark the must do’s ONLY for actions you NEED to complete or your business will shut down. Then, the things you really ought to do but won’t shut down if you miss it. Lastly, the fun, simple, and enjoyable things in the nice to do section. Now reorder them from the must’s to the should’s to the nice’s. Look to see if you’re simply NOT doing something because it’s hard, time consuming, or maybe it’s a task you HATE. Add those items as appropriate.

Sometimes Taking Action Means Delegating Tasks Awayreports

Now, you have an actual actionable list of items in an order that will cause for success in your business. If you hate doing a certain task look to see if you can delegate it away to someone else so it doesn’t continue to never get done. For example, you hate dealing with your online reviews or social media stuff and need help ..cough.. a company like ours can help you! Add time limits to the tasks that are taking up way too much of your valuable time, etc.

The power to get your to do list in order is now in your hands. It’s almost like a going on a diet for a week. It’s not exactly useful as an all-the-time way of living, but it’s an excellent way to check-in on your habits and tweak your schedule.

Let me know how this works for you – comment below!

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