WOW! Facebook Reactions are LOVED!

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Facebook Reactions: Like, Love, Laugh!

Ever wish you could be a little more specific with how you feel about an article or funny picture on Facebook? Now you can! Click and hold the like button and new options will pop up! It works from laptops, tablets, desktops, and even mobile.

facebook reactions

It’s important that you use this new feature for a few reasons. First, Facebook is doing something for you, not just for their benefit. Second, you get to really give your honest feedback to content curators. Let them know when you think something is ridiculous or hilarious. It helps business pages especially to understand what the heck we’re all looking for as potential customers. Last but not least, it injects a little bit more love in the world. You can show someone who’s grieving not that you like their situation but that you’re sad with them or for them. Hit that heart to share some LOVE!

Top 10 Best Practices for Email Etiquette in 2015

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What does your email etiquette say about you?

For many of us this topic is a no brainer. But surprisingly what we’re finding more often than not is people really don’t have a grasp on professional email protocol. We’re here to reveal the worst habits and what you should do to make sure you avoid them.

  1. The Cricket Effect
    • You can’t go quiet or be stagnant for any extended period of time. This applies to everyone from Doctors to accountants to the mom & pop shop down the road. You cannot skip an email from a potential customer and expect Email Marketing Best Practice them to stay interested, right? Plus, if a client is counting on you for urgent or time-sensitive information and you let life get in the way, you’re guaranteed to lose valuable, long term relationships.
    • Here’s what you do: If you know you’re terrible at communicating the same day, set up an auto-responder that lets your customer know that you love them and that you’ll be in touch within 24 hours to buy you some time. You’ll never have dead air time and they at least know you received their inquiry and will be helping them soon.
  2. Always an Excuse
    • Unfortunately, we all have phones, tablets, laptops and even desktops at our fingertips – which means we all know if we sent you an email you’ve likely received it. So other than a true technical glitch occurring, you’ve got to stop using “I didn’t see it” it as an excuse.
    • Here’s what you do: Sync your email up to your phone so you can at least let your client, patient, customer, or prospect know you’ve heard them. Additionally, always check your sneaky spam box!
  3. Never Any Time
    • If you’re guilty of saying you never have enough time to go through all of your emails then it’s kind of like saying you don’t care enough to answer people who made the time for you – ouch.
    • Here’s what you do: Designate 1 time per day to respond to urgent/important emails and ignore the rest. Once you’ve stuck with checking it 1 time per day for a few weeks, amp it up. Oh and if you’re not using Gmail you’re missing out on a HUGE time saver. They have filters in place to organize your social updates, promotions, and important updates, but you can add custom filters, too.
  4. Forgetting Something?
    • There’s nothing worse than sending someone an email with more than one question and only getting one answer in return.
    • Here’s what you do: Respond to their message in line which means instead of starting a whole new email simply answer each of their questions right in the body of their message. Use a different color font and leave them impressed with your attention to detail.
  5. No Contact Info
    • It’s super important to give people ways to contact you other than email. Not everyone favors email and not every conversation is meant to take place over the computer. If you always forget to include your contact info, we have the cure.
    • Here’s what you do: Go to the settings of your email account and make a customized signature for yourself You can even link people directly to your site or social media! Here’s what mine looks like:
      Lori Kaye,
      Director at Lion LinQ | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google + | YouTube
  6. Cookie Cutter
    • If you’ve got most of this down but you’re looking for a way to stand out, make your emails a little more special. Your sign off can say a lot about you or nothing at all. People may not even bother reading it if it’s the same as everyone else’s.
    • Here’s what you do: Make your sign-off you by including something relevant to your business. I’ve seen yogini’s say “In Peace” instead of “respectfully” for example.
  7. Going Overboard
    • Ok who really reads an email that looks more like an essay? No one. But if you’re at work and you must include a ton of info there’s a great way to keep everyone captivated.
    • Here’s what you do: FORMAT IT! Bold key points, use different colors to indicate urgent information, underline, keep it in an outline format, and eliminate any data that’s unnecessary.
  8. Too Emojional
    • First remember to never send an email when you’re upset! I mean never. Second, emails don’t convey emotion but people can interpret your wording differently than you meant it to come out.
    • Here’s what you do: So don’t overdo it on the emoticons, suggest a phone call or in-person meeting for anything that can be easily misconstrued.
  9. OOPS!
    • We’ve all had that moment when our stomach drops as we realize we just sent a private email to the wrong person or hit reply all by accident. Never fear, there is a solution!
    • Here’s what you do: You can UNDO your sent email!
  10. Secrets, Secrets are no fun
    • If your boss is adamant that they need to see outgoing messages or you want to include certain people without the sender knowing, there’s a super easy fix.
    • Here’s what you do: Add their email to the “BCC” line. It means blind carbon copy so the receiver has no idea these people are also able to see the email.

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List of the Top 5 Best Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Affordable and Easy Local Marketing Ideas

So many small business owners struggle to find time or resources to market their businesses locally. So, with a very small budget, we’ve come up with 5 thrifty and creative ideas to get your business known locally.

Local marketing advice for small business owners

Become a local authority in your community .. on a budget!

  1. Plan ahead! If you know what holidays, local events, and charities you support each year, plan to have a discount, special, or event at designated times. As soon as you secure the details for your major marketing staples of the year, order your advertising materials from Starting at around $20 for 1000+ pieces, you can make a huge dent in your community for just pennies!
  2. Reverse B2B! Instead of going to neighboring businesses to ask what they have to offer, go with gifts for them! Offer their staff juicy deals at your business, bring BOGO cards, give something for free. Guess what? Other businesses will automatically want to partner with you! You’ll be known around town as someone of service, who wouldn’t want to work with you?
  3. Party Central! Find reasons to celebrate your town and host parties for the community – totally free.Invite local businesses and either charge them or offer them a free space if they contribute supplies. Show your community you care about them by giving them something for free, they’ll very likely become paying customers. Here’s some cute ideas to get you started:
  4. Double Sided! Work with a local business in town by offering them FREE marketing Local marketing ideas for small businessesmaterials. Here’s how it works: let’s say you’re running an event and want to spread the word quickly. Get double sided marketing pieces made up with your special event on the front and their special offer on the back. They will hand out those flyers like crazy and constantly refer their patrons to YOUR The cost of the marketing pales in comparison to the foot traffic and word of mouth you’ll receive.
  5. Social Butterfly! Take your local community efforts ONLINE! Get your neighbors who love you to say it on Facebook. Offer incentives if people give honest reviews on Yelp. Review other local businesses to become an authority on your local market. If you need help generating ideas, this is our specialty! Get some free stuff from us and let us make a difference for you!

If you loved this article, tell us in the comments! And make sure you reach out to us for any local marketing questions or social media inquiries at or .

How “I Don’t Have Time for Social Media” is Ruining Your Business

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Let’s face it, social media is becoming a key ingredient for pretty much all companies. If you’re sitting there with your arms crossed and a scowl on your face because you hate social media – it’s OK – but are you willing to let that get between you and your customers? Is “I don’t have the time” winning?

Social media services for small businesses

It’s easy to say that you don’t have the time for something, and you’d be right, at the moment, you don’t. What’s not easy to say is that you can make the time for something that’s not only important but necessary.

Social media is necessary for so many reasons with statistics backing it up that we really don’t need to bore you with. But the proof is in the pudding, and in this case the pudding is Facebook. I don’t believe you when you say you can’t make time for Facebook. What I do believe is that you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to Facebook, and that’s OK. In fact being in the state of “I don’t know” is the PERFECT place to be! We can work with you there! We help business owners who don’t know what to do, or what to post, how often, how to run an ad or boosted post, and people who don’t know any of what we just listed, too. The good news is, iThumbs_up_icont doesn’t mean you don’t have time, it means that once you have a clue, you can start taking action!

It’s important to know that even when a professional company is managing your Facebook account or any other social media account for that matter – that you remain involved. Yes, you should trust them, and yes they (we) know more about what we’re doing than you. But, it’s YOUR company’s voice, it’s YOUR goals, and YOUR vision that we’re carrying out. You should know how to make a post that’s more personal to your company than what we could possibly know. You should be able to thank customers, and feel confident in responding to both positive and negative reviews.

When you’re committed that I don’t have time for that then you close off possibilities for yourself, your company, and your family that you may not even know about. The benefits of networking online are limitless, you could find your next employee, manager, investor, find new customers, and make new business connections in town. You could be attracting a larger audience, growing into a nationally or internationally known brand. What other way can people from different places see the same thing: The Internet! So when you know for sure it’s not worth your time are you sure of exactly what you could be giving up by saying that? Yes, it’s that serious, marketing your business is the blood line! Could you be giving up revenue? reputation? customers? sales? And you know what happens when business is lost – we don’t have to tell you. Think of it like this, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. So why not get involved in every single possible marketing or sales stream and have every opportunity to communicate with your customers? When else could you find out what people are saying about you without them actually telling you??


If you don’t know where to start, then start with a professional. Let a team of people who know what they’re doing help. It doesn’t have to be a forever solution! In fact, here at Lion LinQ we offer to train your existing team, we can manage your accounts for you, we can provide you with specific training, etc. You’re not giving anything up by working with our team, in fact, you’re in control while we remain in the background. It feels good knowing your team has your back, right?

If you feel we were speaking to you or know someone like this, give them my personal email: [email protected] and ask for Lori, Director at Lion LinQ. Oh and if you like what we have to say, make sure you subscribe, keep Lori-Kaye nbreading!↓

Increase and Track Productivity: Reverse To Do List

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Reverse To Do List: I love working backwards!

Reverse To Do List Blog Image

Are you ready for a super easy way to FEEL productive, BE productive, and TRACK your productivity??

What I’m about to suggest is a one-time tool that you can use for one day, one week, etc. to check-in on what tasks you and/or your staff are completing …or NOT completing. I don’t recommend this as a long-term tool because let’s get real if you’re not planning for your success you just might be planning to fail.competitive

So, I invite you to try the Reverse To Do List by first NOT making yourself a daily to do or task list! For some, this is fairly normal, for others you’re cringing at the thought of not having a focused list. It’s OK either way! I only suggest you do this for a short-term period of time!

It’s Time To Get Honest

Now grab a notebook and pen, super old school! Write down EVERYTHING you do, ALL DAY long. I mean EVERYTHING. Note conversations, texting, social media, phone calls, home chores, driving, marketing, all sales, checking emails, writing emails; EVERYTHING. Your list is likely incredibly long.

When you’ve made a list of everything you’ve done, first notice patterns. Are there things you do several times per day? Maybe over a week’s time you notice doing something at the same time everyday? Then notice other trends, are you spending a long time with emails, phone calls, etc? Are you only spending a few minutes on your marketing strategies? Grab that pen and maybe even a highlighter and make more notes.

Almost done! Now sort everything you need to do by category of “must do”, “should do”, “nice to do”. Mark the must do’s ONLY for actions you NEED to complete or your business will shut down. Then, the things you really ought to do but won’t shut down if you miss it. Lastly, the fun, simple, and enjoyable things in the nice to do section. Now reorder them from the must’s to the should’s to the nice’s. Look to see if you’re simply NOT doing something because it’s hard, time consuming, or maybe it’s a task you HATE. Add those items as appropriate.

Sometimes Taking Action Means Delegating Tasks Awayreports

Now, you have an actual actionable list of items in an order that will cause for success in your business. If you hate doing a certain task look to see if you can delegate it away to someone else so it doesn’t continue to never get done. For example, you hate dealing with your online reviews or social media stuff and need help ..cough.. a company like ours can help you! Add time limits to the tasks that are taking up way too much of your valuable time, etc.

The power to get your to do list in order is now in your hands. It’s almost like a going on a diet for a week. It’s not exactly useful as an all-the-time way of living, but it’s an excellent way to check-in on your habits and tweak your schedule.

Let me know how this works for you – comment below!

Set it and Forget it: Goal Setting in 2014

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Set it and Forget it: Goal Setting in 2014

Aren’t those words FANTASTIC!? Well, they are until you use this glorious system to set your goals, then you’d be better off choking on the roast beef you set and forgot about.


Anyway, goal setting is probably one of those things that when you hear about it you roll your eyes, sigh deeply, shrug your shoulders, or doodle in your notebook about. That’s how it was for me when I heard this topic get thrown around for years. I’m not going to “teach” you what goals are or how to set them, but I’m gonna tell you stuff about goal setting you’ve probably never heard before. Copy/paste it and save it somewhere meaningful, glue it to your forehead but either way, DO IT!
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There is No P in Team

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There is No P in Team

I’m extremely passionate about the topic of participation! Participation is defined as: The act of taking part or sharing in something or a sharing as in benefits. Do you think of participation in this manner?(Really think!) So what do you participate in? Work? School? A relationship? Hobbies? Volunteering? In a band? I’m willing to bet that the level of participation at which you play in life will be taken to the next notch of accountability with these steps! So … get ready!
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