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Lion Linq was created just for you by a business owner who worked tirelessly to get it all done. Marketing, managing, payroll, training, hiring … sound familiar? Through years of experience and hands-on development from some of the industry’s experts, Lion Linq was created, just for you. We have created a platform by which to empower business owners and their teams through consistent online and offline marketing campaigns. Check out how we do it.

At Lion Linq, we feel the big picture of marketing includes many facets like working with local businesses, email marketing, voicemail marketing, direct mail marketing, and even getting your staff involved. And now, as social media becomes the newest and one of the most powerful forms of interacting with customers, we make it easy for you as the owner. Most business owners are too busy to deal with the constant posting, messaging, sharing, liking, ad boosting, commenting, etc that it takes to really maintain a professional page. Not only do we manage it for you, freeing up your time, but we partner with you to help you learn the new social language.
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Lion Linq’s team is comprised of people with experience in marketing and social media who love helping make other companies successful. You can call and get a real, live, person! Sometimes it’s nice to just get your questions answered right away, right? Forget the canned, auto-response emails and lack of involvement from your social media team leaving you feeling more like a number and less like a person who matters.
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We work with you to set goals like gaining new followers, increasing engagement, creating new social outlets, starting a FB ad, doing an online contest, and so much more. We measure your results and send you monthly reports. We work together to reach your goals and show you how we’re doing every step of the way.
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Your customers are searching for you on the internet! We can put you in charge of what they find! Get your business listed on 50+ directories, instantly like Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, and more. Gain access to an all inclusive dashboard to manage your listings, customer reviews, photos, staff bios, etc, all in one place. Never again will you have to login to 50+ separate accounts again! Your company will have unique listing bonuses that most other companies don’t have like a clickable special offer that drives traffic to your website!
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Sam"Lori was recommended to me... to handle the social media for my business as a psychologist. Wow, what a FIND she turned out to be! Not only is Lori unbelievably hardworking, efficient and reliable, she is incredibly smart, creative and a real self-starter. But the most important part for me is that she truly loves and believes in what she does, and clearly communicates that she believes in what I do."
Lion Linq
mad design logo1"I chose Lori because she was different ...She personally collected the specific information about my business and goals necessary to offer many tailored recommendations, In my opinion she has a business sense well beyond her years."
Lion Linq
margaret kaye

Lori Kaye has been an inspiration to me. She offers encouragement and positive feedback, as well as constructive critiquing for my business and ecomerse store -Margaret Kaye of Jewelry in Candles


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